Credor Eichi II Print

55.00 EUR - 185.00 EUR

The Credor Eichi II feels like a legendary video game item that you’re not even sure can be obtained. Hand-crafted during a thousand years by generations of monks, commissioned by God himself, it is made of fired blue stardust. Its existence stays a secret, passed on from generation to generation. Those unaware see it as a small piece of steel, those who know worship it as the incarnation of perfection.

• Original piece drawn using Faber Castell pencils
• Limited to 50 copies in total
• Hand-signed and numbered
• Printed locally in my French town to reduce carbon footprint
• QC done by myself to the same extent as the original drawing
• Your print won't contain the watermark
• Shipped flat in a waterproof pouch inside highly protective envelopes

A2 prints use 200g paper and are shipped in a tube.