If you are interested in a bespoke commission of a specific watch, please contact me here or on Instagram and I will get back to you within twelve hours.
Thank you for considering a commission, I look forward to working with you!
You can find on my Instagram page various photos and videos showcasing my drawing process and close-ups of previous artworks. The finished product you will receive will be of equal or higher quality & attention to detail. 
       General Information
·  Expect the drawing to take between two to six weeks to be complete after work has started.
·  I will send you pictures of my progress once the sketch is finished and once the inking is finished. You can of course ask for my progress anytime you want.

·  We work on this project together, so you can request anything to make your drawing unique and exactly the way you want. A custom paper size, a certain composition, a special date displayed by the watch, or extra elements that aren't horological, I'll make it happen.

·  If you are on the hedge about commissioning me, I can create a free digital sketch to give you a foretaste of what the final piece would look like. Please reach out to me in case this can help you decide.
·  Shipping of the drawing is included in the price.
These are the base prices for each paper size, the price will increase depending on the complexity of the artwork. Don't hesitate to contact me to know the exact quote for what you have in mind!
A4 (8.3 x 11.7 in): Starting at 400€
A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in): Starting at 700€
A2 (16.5 x 23,5 in): Starting at 1300€

I accept payments through PayPal or bank wire. I will ask for half of the payment to be sent upfront and the second half after the artwork is complete.
       T. O. S
·  I reserve the right to post all commissions to my social media.
·  I reserve the right to decline a commission or cancel it if you've already paid (with a full refund).
·  I reserve the right to use your commission commercially but won't do it without your consent.
·  You can't use your commission commercially unless we settled on an agreement. You can however use your commission as marketing content.

·  I cannot refund payments if you decide to abandon the project after I started working on it.

·  While my rates include shipping and PayPal fees, they don't include customs fees which you will have to cover.