Audemars piguet Royal Oak Openworked Print

55.00 EUR - 200.00 EUR

Some Audemars Piguet timepieces are such a challenge to draw! This model's skeletonized workings are just as complex as a chronograph movement. I also had to find the rose gold tone by mixing three different color pencils, and make sure the brushing of the case is even across the whole watch. Tedious but the result speaks for itself. I have to thank Reddit for my favorite compliment I ever received: "Looks a damn sight more real than some of the "is this genuine?" posts we get on here!"

• Original piece drawn using Faber Castell pencils
• Limited to 50 copies in total
• Hand-signed and numbered
• Printed locally in my French town to reduce carbon footprint
• QC done by myself to the same extent as the original drawing
• Your print won't contain the watermark
• Shipped flat in a waterproof pouch inside highly protective envelopes

A2 prints use 200g paper and are shipped in a tube.